When You Choose To Engage Our Services This Is What You Should Expect.

We Guarantee Our Advice

Your home is a significant investment of your time and money. You’re going to spend years of your life living in it. Getting it right is critical. We guarantee our advice at two stages:

The Perfect Design

If you are unhappy with the elevations, site plans or floor plans that the designer we’ve chosen for you produces, such that you feel the designer needs to start over, OR you feel that you and the designer we’ve chosen for you have design or personality differences that cannot be reconciled, we will cover the cost of a new set of plans, either with that designer or a new one.

A Great Price

If the tender prices produced by our selected builders can be beaten, using a comparable set of plans, specifications, additions and inclusions, we will refund the advice fee paid to us.

Our Advice Will Cost you Less Than Going Else

Our pricing structure is unique. After getting to know you and what your needs are in our in-person appointment,  we’ll provide you a quote for our services that is specific to the work that we need to do. This fee will cover our advice, recommendations, research and ongoing assistance before, during and after the build.  It ALSO includes the design fees required to take your home to council approval stage.


Here’s what makes our advice fee the cheapest and best way to proceed with building a custom home.


An independent advisor is guaranteed to save you money

Unless you work in an industry, there will be significant segments of it that you will not understand. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

When you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, what you don’t know costs you money.

Having a professional that you’ve engaged and who sits apart from those designing and building your home to advise on all the aspects you’re unaware of will save you time and money.

You won't lose time or money with the wrong designer

Choosing the wrong designer is not uncommon. Finding someone who just doesn’t quite seem to capture what you want is not ideal, but it happens despite the best intentions of both parties. 


If you’ve paid a designer for work, only to realise that they are not a good fit, finding an alternative is costly and time-consuming. 


Our research, knowledge of your needs and our guarantee prevent this.

You're spending money upfront to control the process

Even with a ‘free’ design put together by a builder or building broker, you’re paying for it. A free design is paid for with higher build costs, design copyright and loss of control over actually picking your designer.


Choosing our advice means paying for flexibility, choice and control over who designs and builds your home. It’s money you’re spending anyway – your just spending it smarter.

Our cost check ensures your home isn't over-designed

Designers and clients will often land on a design that costs more than what the client can afford. This could be because the designer has not pushed back enough on the client’s requests (which can cause conflict) or because the client is unrealistic with what they can achieve. 


Our third-party advice and cost checking eliminates this issue. We can step in to provide a third opinion on cost and design. We also cost check according to industry standards.

Having us manage the process means things get done quicker

We help sift through the hundreds of designers and architects to find your match. This saves time. When the designer is chosen, they already have a sound idea of what you want. They can get to work straight away, saving you money. 


Our builders receive standard documentation and can provide quotes faster. They have multiple points of contact (both us and the designers) and so can get queries answered quicker. 

Our Build Pricing system means your build comes in lower

Of course, asking several outstanding custom builders for their costings on your project is where the largest savings will be found. 


Our builders are all exceptional at what they do – they just don’t have the marketing and sales departments saturating your social and news media! They outsource that job to us.


We place qualified, ready to proceed clients in front of them and they cost your job.

Our Designers All Run Their Own Successful Design firms

These are some of the amazing designs our partners produce

Our Selected Builders Can Build Anything

These are some of the homes our master builders construct

We Find The Designer That Will Produce The Design YOU’VE Asked For.

Designers and architects gain recognition by producing outstanding designs. They also recognition by winning awards. While most designers and architects will design according to your needs, they will also often look to design for THEIR needs – i.e. the need for recognition. The designers on our panel only have one person in mind when putting pencil to paper – you.

Our Tendering Process Means Your Dollar Is Maximised.

We typically DON’T have builders on our panel that have display homes, sales teams and marketing departments. These builders have significant overheads that they make back by increasing the margins on your build. We use builders that rely on word of mouth and companies like ours for business – who still do enough business to attract volume discounts through suppliers, but are able to offer better prices as they aren’t carrying such bloated and unnecessary expenses.

Your Plans Are Yours

Unlike ‘building brokers’, or going direct to a builder, we don’t hold you hostage to your plans. 


Your plans belong to you. 

When you're ready to start on your dream home.