What Happens When You Book Your Call With Us

When you book your call with us, you'll embark on a journey that will guarantee a high quality home at a great price.

1. Phone Call

Ensuring that we can help you.

When you land on our Contact page, you’ll be asked to book a time straight into our calendar, and answer a few simple questions about your current circumstances.


We’ll give you a call at the appointed time and spend about 15-20 minutes chatting to you about your plans and how we can help bring them to life. If appropriate, we’ll then book an in-person appointment at our office.

2. Initial Meeting

Understanding exactly who you are and what you want.

Our aim is to get to know you and what you want and put together a brief that we can then use to select the best way forward. We’ll discuss the location, surroundings and amenities of the block you’ve purchased (or are planning to purchase). We’ll ask you detailed questions about home you’d like to built there, what styles you like and where you draw your inspiration from. We’ll also establish your timeframes, budget, and your preferences with regards to involvement and decision making in the design and build process.


From this meeting, we can understand you and your project, to enable us to help determine the designer/s AND the builders to tender to as well.

3. Designer Research

Calling, emailing and researching the best designers for your project.

Based on our (now comprehensive) understanding of who you are and what you want, we will assist you to select the perfect designer, from our panel of designers and architects. We make recommendations based on the following:

  • A designer that will work to your budget and timeframe
  • A designer or designers that have produced outstanding examples of the property you want.
  • A designer who will fit your preferred style of working together (for example one who is more open to feedback during the design process).

4. Choosing a Designer

No wasting time and money visiting multiple designers and architects.

After a research period of 1-2 weeks (depending on the complexity and uniqueness of your project), we’ll present you with our research, and a recommendation for a designer. We’ll set up a meeting with our recommended designer, OR (if that’s what you’ve asked for), a meeting with the top 2-3 designers that we’ve shortlisted. 


We’ll supply the comprehensive brief that we’ve collected to these designers so that they know straight away what you’re after and can get down to the details of the design.

5. Floor Plans, Elevations and Materials

No sales or guesswork - just a designer working hard for you.

Now that a designer who matches your personality, your brief and your style has been chosen, they can get to work straight away. As they already have a brief from us, they can hone in on the finer elements of your style straight away. They can get an initial concept done quicker and you can supply feedback sooner.


You will work with your designer to produce the blueprint of the property you dream of, with the designer adding ideas and options you’ve never considered.


Your designer will work with you until we have a set of plans ready for submission to council.

6. Finance and Cost Check

A comprehensive check using experience and industry standards to ensure there are no surprises.

Finding out that your home is either over-designed, or just too expensive is a frustrating and costly experience. Our process ensures that we discover these issues BEFORE we submit to council and BEFORE we ask builders for their prices.


We use industry standards for cost per square metre, as well as our vast experience to ensure your build is in your budget.


Our associated finance resources and experience mean we can also assist determining your ability to fund the project.

7. Planning Lodgement

Understanding each council and getting it right the first time.

Town planning laws, codes and regulations are varied, opaque and often contradictory between jurisdictions. 


We ensure the designers we choose for your project are up to date with all laws for the project’s location. 


We’ll submit one application and ensure it’s passed within the Council’s timeframes.

8. Interior Design and Specifications

Making decisions to turn a house into a home with a feel that you'll never tire of.

Interior design is what brings a building to life, but it is often the thing that breaks the budget.

While the council submission is being processed (often a timeframe of 4-8 weeks), we’ll get to work on your specifications and interior. 


These specifications will be supplied to our builders during the builder selection.

9. Landscaping

Integrating your outdoors

Landscaping forms the first impression to your home, as well as vastly extending its use over the year. Yet, it is often neglected as many clients assume they don’t have the budget for it. 


If necessary, we’ll work with you on the outdoor areas of your home, using our panel of landscaping professionals to make your outdoor areas amazing on the budget you have.

10. Builder Research and Tender

The MOST important relationship you'll have in one of the most significant investments you'll ever make.

Getting this right is THE most important decision that needs to be made.


You need a builder who can build what you want, on time, at high quality and who doesn’t over quote. You don’t want one who cuts corners, asks for mid-build design changes, is never on site and under quotes


We use a comprehensive checklist when selecting the builders that will tender for your project. 


Read more about potential pitfalls of building your home here.

11. Builder Selection

A choice based on trust, cost and research

With a select number of custom builders chosen for your home and estimates provided, you’ll be able to make a choice on builders. 


You’ll be invited to meet these builders and ask the all the questions you like. You may even be invited to view one of their current projects and talk to those owners. 


Once a builder is selected, they’ll continue with any pre-work that needs to be done on your home, before finally starting the build.

12. Site Visits and Inspections

Providing advice and conducting quality checks

Your builder will now largely be your point of contact, however we remain on hand to answer any questions, mediate any issues and provide a sounding board for design, costing or specification changes. 


We will also conduct several site visit on your behalf – plans in hand to ensure what you’re paying for is what is being built.

13. Hand Over

You get the keys to your beautiful new custom home.

Months planning and hard work will come to fruition when we’re able to hand the keys to the front door of your custom home to you!


Expect flowers and champagne. 


Also expect our continued support and guidance for anything you need with your new home, for life.

We've built amazing homes using this process. Your could be next.